A New Season

For CTK High School Youth Ministry

Dry Field

A New Season


Christ the King Catholic Church of Dallas has a long-standing history of relationship-centered youth ministry. 

This is the ministry we want to grow.


Scripture gives us "harvest language" to talk about God's work. Each new season comes with a "new harvest"; with a lot of love, labor, and God's grace comes a Church that is bursting with life!

We want all the young people of CTK to experience what so many have already: a community that cares about them and what they're going through, a Church that is relevant to their lives, a meaningful relationship with Jesus.




We want to hear what you think the young people of Christ the King need. 

We created two pathways for you to contribute your voice: THANK YOU to those of you that completed our Parent Survey which was available during the month of June 2021.


We are currently hosting Summer Gathering (see below) at which are held listening sessions with parishioners about the future of Youth Ministry at Christ the King.


Please consider being a part of a A New Season!


Host a Summer Gathering!

Summer Gatherings provide a safe, light-hearted space for meaningful conversation. 10 or so adults will gather for hospitality at a parishioner's home, receive a presentation from the Youth Ministry Team on the current landscape of youth ministry, and then participate in a listening session where they can share their hopes for CTK youth ministry, the realities of young people, and what they believe makes the Church relevant to young people.

Thank you to our generous families who have already expressed interest in hosting a Summer Gathering! At this point, we are no longer in need of hosts; however, if you are interested in attending a Summer Gathering to hear our presentation and contribute your voice, we would love to have you! Please contact us at ctkcovenant@gmail.com!


We look forward to visiting with those of you involved in the Summer Gatherings over the next few months.