Our Timeline

You're a big part of this endeavor and we want you to be "in the know"!

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Summer 2021

Summer Gatherings- Research with CTK Parents & Adults

Throughout June, July, & August 2021, our Youth Ministry Team will be looking for Summer Hosts to assist us in the Research Phase. We want to hear from our parents about what they hope to see in youth ministry at CTK and what their young people really need. 

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Fall 2021

High School Youth Group- Research with High School Students

CTK High School Youth Ministry will come back strong with a Fall Kick-Off! We know how important it is that our high school students are part of the new season of Youth Ministry at CTK. During the Fall, we will be listening to the high school students share about the realities of being a teen in Dallas and how their CTK community can support them and other teens in having a relationship with God.

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Advent 2021 & 2022 New Year

Official High School Youth Ministry Vision & Relaunch

Taking the data collected during our Parent & High School Research Phases, our Youth Ministry Team will apply our most creative and inspired efforts to developing an evangelistic vision and strategic goal for the future of CTK Youth Ministry. We will share this vision at the beginning of Advent and then officially relaunch for 2022!